Jan Eggers, the author of this book, has fished for more 50 years on Pike. He caught fish in over 19 different countries such as Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Finland etc. Fishing for Pike in the Dutch ”Polder” gives him great pleasure.

The Pike Ferret, a name Fred Buller gave him once, suits him perfectly. Jan feels at home in the wide open area’s of the ”Polders” just like a hungry Pike in a pond full of fat baitfish.

Untill the 70’s of the past century, he fished mainly with livebait, but more and more he got into fishing with lures. Because of his contact with Fred Buller, he gained more interest in the really big fish, and soon began writing articles in fishing magazines all over the world.

In this practical book, everything is told about fishing in those ”Polders”. Everything you’ve always wanted to know regarding lures, rods, reels, lines, traces etc, is included in the book!

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