Praktijkboek voor kanjersnoek (Practical book for big Pike)

Pike is a special fish, in fact it’s the second biggest fish to live in our waters in Europe. A fish who can reach great length’s. In this book, the author Bertus Rozemeijer takes you to all those waters in wich Pike can be caught. All the way from shallow ponds, to big and deep lakes, this is where the fish feels most at home. A big selection of rods, traces and lures that are within reach of the angler show that it’s not an easy game to catch a fish.

This is a book for the seasonal angler, but also for the more professionall. A book based on techniques wich the author gained during his life, show’s there is alot to learn. Bertus Rozemeijer is not an ”unknown” character in the world of fishing. Earlier he co-wrote another book about Pike, Perch, and Zander fishing together with Arjen Willemsen, and had numerous publications in various fishing magazines.

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