In the world of jerk baits, there are so many different patterns, shapes and sizes one can choose from, all with their own distinctive action. These days, there are a ton of them out there on the global Muskie & Pike market as we know it today, and sometimes it can be very difficult to constantly know what works or not. One particularly jerkbait that has always worked, is probably The most fished of all time. Hailing from Wisconsin USA, produced in a legendary factory, we’re talking about the Suick Thriller of course!

Ever since it’s introduction in 2013, the High Impact Thriller has been hot. Globally responsible for many record-breaking Esox hauls, this thing is the real deal. In 2014, Suick introduced the long-awaited 10” HI version of its wooden Thriller, and it surely opened many new doors for anglers all across. Of all the jerkbaits out there, no other lure has produced so much fish as this one has, and if you’ve never tried out a high impact yourself, you’ve been seriously missing out.

”Press shot of the 2013 introduction of the HI Thriller. Some great colors”

Imagine this. You are on the water, a clear water, scouting the weeds for fish. The weeds are dense, so it’s not easy to get or ”hang” in there. In the weeds are a few open places, where baitfish swim around. There has to be some predator nearby right? You throw your HI Thriller, as far as you can. Through your polaroid sunglasses, you watch it slide, roll, and dive into the water. With its metal tail, giving off a flash and vibration from the sun above. All seems to be calm, your bait gets closer and closer to the boat. It dives deep into the weeds, only to come up shortly after. Your jerkbait is in its natural environment. You feel the action of the bait gives a bump on your rod, the rod tip ”thrills” from the movement. All of a sudden you feel like some freight train has hit your rod, everything goes limp, in a split second, you’ll realize your on, you’re on to something BIG!!

”Weeds, Thriller territory”

That’s how exciting fishing with a Thriller can be. Made from exceptional quality components, this thing plain simple catches fish. Fished on the right rod, a 7’6” med-heavy action preferred, you can be in for a real treat. No wonder so many Big fish has been caught over the years on this bait. The widebody profile attracts any predator from nearby. Sometimes the fishing can be tough, like extremely tough. When nothing seems to work, this thing produces fish like no other. It’s always been some kind of a mystery to make what causes these passive fish to suddenly go into active mode, but if you look closer to the action, it’s probably the most realistic thing to a dying baitfish you’ll ever see.

The original wooden Thriller was already an exciting bait, the high impact version is even better. Due to its buoyancy, you can truly work it like nothing else out there. All Thrillers come equipped with quality split-rings and hooks, which are ready to hammer into that fish of a lifetime.

”The way any Thriller should be fished. Up and down”

The most productive way of fishing is, is probably the slow roll. Just cast it out, in a fast phase move your rod tip to the water, and reel in to pick up the slack line that’s just been created from the cast. With an up and down movement jerking it back to the boat. Fishing an HI Thriller is almost like fishing any glider style bait, except the fact that you try to create that bump in your rod. Basically, that’s the rod tip bouncing from the straight line to your bait. It’s a little bit hard to explain, but once you get the hang of this, the catching rate goes up fast, and fish from all corners of a weed bed come looking for your bait. It’s almost like you’re about to thrill the worms out of the ground.

The Suick HI impact Thrillers come in a variety of different colors, and in both 9 and 10” size. If I had to choose between one of them I’d go for the larger version right away. It’s an exceptional fish catching bait, that will still produce no matter how many people fish with it. Try one out for yourself it you get the chance, I’m sure it won’t disappoint you!