The Domesday Book of Mammoth Pike

For millions of anglers, there is no fish that grips the imagination more than the Pike. Their leisure time is dominated by their desire to catch the really big one. The result of an untiring fifteen year quest by the author, this extraordinary book gives a detailed report in words and pictures of the largest pike caught over the past 250 years.

Fred Buller wrote hundreds of letters, met scores of people and travelled thousands of miles in what is undoubtedly the most remarkable piece of research ever in the history of pike angling. Incredibly he has tracked down and documented 230 mammoth pike weighing 35lbs or more, caught in Britain and the rest of Europe, in North America and even in Russia.

He detailes the weight of the fish, the date it was caught, the method by wich it was caught, the location and the marvellous stories that surround each angler and his fish. The book includes photographs of almost every location in which a mammoth pike was caught, and of contemporary prints showing the pike themselves and their captors.

This beautifully written and entertaining book will be essential reading for every pike fisherman, and will fire the enthusiasm of anglers everywhere.

This is a classic book and a great read. First editions have climed from costing only £4,95 back in 1979 to over £400 today. So if you find yourself any for under this price, you may find yourself lucky. Highly recommended!

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