LMAB, the German brand from well-known company Hecht und Barsch has some really cool soft baits in their arsenal. They carry a wide range of products for every freshwater predator species out there, but the KOFI Roach & KOFI Perch are probably most important. Especially when it comes to fishing for Big Esox!

The KOFI Roach & KØFI Perch already came in smaller sizes, but New for this year 2021 they have updated the sizes to 26 cm for the Roach and 23 cm for the Perch soft baits. You can already guess that these baits are perfect for targeting Big Predators alike. 

First, let’s take a look at the KOFI Roach in 26 cm. This bait is absolutely perfect for Big Pike fishing. It has a large profile, realistic fins, and comes in 4 exciting colors. It has an oversized paddle tail that pushes a lot of water, and unlike many other soft baits out there it has a pretty unique action. In comparison to other soft baits on the market, the rubber of the KOFI Roach is Very durable and enables the angler to land many fish. The clean weight of the bait is around 144 grams, which returns to around 5 oz, and makes it a great all-year-round bait. It can be fished either weightless or with The System from Pikecraft, which by the way is also available at Hecht und Barsch. The System enables whatever soft bait you want to fish to keep its own original action and gives you the option to be fished at many different depths because the weights for it are interchangeable so the possibilities are limitless!

”Great attention of detail”

On the other hand, there is the KOFI Perch, which is as mentioned 23 cm and makes a great smaller water bait, but also for big waters, it can excel. We all know that Pike loves Perch, and this bait is just that. With the silhouette of a Perch, it is the perfect copy of a real fish. The KOFI Perch again has a wide-body profile but is also as high as a real fish, and again great detail has been paid to its appearance! This bait weighs 88 grams which is around 3 ounces, so it’s a nice all-rounder. Again with the same quality rubber of the Roach, this soft bait can withstand the harshest conditions fish put us through. It comes in eight exciting colors, and trust me when I say they look Fantastic!

”A full box with some amazing colors”

And as you can see from the pictures above and as already mentioned, all baits are rigged with The System from Pikecraft Fishing. This company is also from Germany and literally makes the picture complete. The System is The Best shallow screw system out there and together with a great product such as the LMAB KOFI Roach & KOFI Perch you can take on just about Any situation out on the water! Products from LMAB and Hecht und Barsch are shipped worldwide so no matter where you are, these awesome baits and products are available for you!

”All you ever need in one box”